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Reinvent Techno Labs (RT Labs) provides the job oriented Android training in Jaipur. There is a high demand for Android app developers in the near future because this is the era of smartphones and the internet and people use various type of mobile applications to find the information.


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Why do you need to learn Android App development?

(1) The huge demand for Android app developers.

(2) Good career option with handsome salaries.

(3) You can become an Android App Developer freelancer and can earn good amount of money.

(4) You can start your career as an Android Trainer.

(5) You can help business persons to increase their business by developing various types of Android applications.

(6) Mobile apps help people to find various type of information online via mobile devices.

Android training Institute in Jaipur


Who Can Enroll for Android App Development Course?

(1) Any student from school, college or job seeker.

(2) Anybody who is already working but want to enhance his skills.

(3) Any business person who wants to increase the business online.

(4) Any business person who wants to show business on mobile.

Why should you choose Reinvent Techno Labs for Android Course?

(1) Highly skilled Android Teachers

(2) Training by highly experienced trainers.

(3) Android training on live projects.

(4) Best learning environment.

(5) One to one interaction.

(6) Monthly classroom tests to judge trainees knowledge.

(7) Reasonable fee structure.

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Reinvent Techno Labs provide Android app development training and internship in Jaipur. Android supports a number of application in smartphones which makes life more comfortable and easy. The future of Android (OS) is limitless. Reinvent Techno labs is the best Android training institute in Mansarovar, Jaipur. Our Expert Android trainers have deep knowledge and teaching experience and ability to handle all type of students who are from the technical background or non-technical backgrounds.

Reinvent Techno Labs android training courses modules designed in the way students can understand easily. Our highly skilled Android Trainers have very interesting teaching methods that make their theoretical and practical classes very easy to understand. Our teachers always give an option to students to ask any doubt or problem related to Android training courses or teaching method. We provide the best Practical training for Android development on our live projects. Training on running and live Android projects make the training program easy to understand for students. Our trainers cover all topics that are included in our Android training course like Android introduction, Android architecture, development environment, database storage, latest technologies, GUI programming, Layout management, Application Menu, Filters, animation, effects etc.

How much will it take to complete the Android Course?

Track Regular Track Weekend Track
Course Duration 60 – 90 Days 12 Weekends
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom

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What will be course content and syllabus for Android Training

1. Introduction to Android

  • What is Android?
  • A Short History
  • Advantages of Android
  • Disadvantages of Android


2. Android Architecture

  • Key Components Stack
  • The Kernel
  • Libraries
  • The Dalvik JVM
  • Application Framework
  • Applications


3. Development Environment

  • What do We Need?
  • Setting Up the SDK
  • Install Android Studio
  • Create a Virtual Device
  • Creating a Project
  • Running Your Application
  • Android Hardware Buttons
  • Run Configuration
  • Debugging an Application
  • Using Third Party JAR


4. Resource Management and Localization

  • Main Types of Resources
  • Defining Value Resources
  • Defining String Arrays
  • Creating Image Resource
  • Alternate Resource Folders
  • Alternate Folder Name Rules
  • How Android Finds Resources
  • Dealing with Screen Orientation
  • Orientation Change and Activity Lifecycle


5. Background Task Processing and Services

  • The Basic Approach
  • Creating a Handler
  • Posting a Message
  • Doing Background Work
  • AsyncTask
  • Callback Methods of AsyncTask
  • Doing the Work
  • Starting Work
  • Getting Result from the Task
  • Updating GUI from the Task


6. Database Storage

  • Compiled SQL Statement
  • Insert,Update,Delete Data
  • Fetching Data
  • Example Queries
  • Iterating Over a Cursor
  • Reading Column Values from Cursor
  • Cursor Management
  • Binding Cursor to ListView
  • Custom Data Binding
  • Handling Item Click Event
  • Refreshing the ListView
  • Using the Helper Class


7. Application Fundamentals

  • The Manifest File
  • Activity
  • Creating an Activity Class
  • Activity Lifecycle
  • Launching an Activity
  • Pausing and Stopping an Activity
  • Destroying an Activity
  • Saving State
  • Creating Views
  • Registering an Activity
  • The Default Activity
  • Process Lifecycle
  • The Application Class


8. Basic GUI Programming

  • The Fundamentals
  • View Hierarchy
  • Creating Views Programmatically
  • Creating View in XML Layout
  • More on XML Layout
  • Common Programming Tasks with Views
  • TextView and EditText
  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • RadioButton and RadioGroup
  • ToggleButton
  • ImageView
  • RatingBar
  • Spinner View
  • The Adapter Model
  • Custom Adapter Class
  • Using an Adapter
  • Using a Custom Row Layout
  • ViewFlipper
  • Tabbed UI Layout
  • Creating Tabbed UI
  • Defining the Tabbed Layout
  • Creating the Tabs with View Content
  • Add a Tab with Activity Content
  • WebView
  • Handling Item Selection Event
  • The ListView
  • Creating a Listview
  • Handling ListView Events
  • Creating a Spinner

9. Notification Message

  • Toast
  • Popping a Toast
  • Advanced Toast
  • Status Bar Notification
  • Advantages of Status Bar Notification
  • Steps to Create a Status Bar Notification
  • Posting the Notification
  • Using a Utility Method
  • Using Dialogs
  • Alert Dialogs
  • Handling Button Click Events
  • ProgressDialog
  • Setting Progress Amount


10. Location Based Service

  • Guidelines for Obtaining Current Location
  • Obtaining Current Location from an Activity or Service
  • Reading Location Data
  • Other Considerations
  • Proximity Alert
  • Geocoding
  • Using MapView
  • Setting up the Project
  • Showing MapView from an Activity

    11. Camera

    • Taking pictures
    • Rendering previews
    • Video Capturing


12. Layout Management

  • Background
  • LinearLayout
  • LinearLayout Orientation
  • match_parent (fill_parent) Example
  • Layout Gravity
  • Weight
  • TableLayout
  • Managing the Width
  • RelativeLayou
  • ScrollView
  • HorizontalScrollView


13. Intents and Intent Filter

  • What is an Intent?
  • The android.content.Intent Class
  • Implicit Target Component Specification
  • Intent Filters
  • Data Type Filter
  • Action Name
  • Category Name
  • Hint Matching Logic
  • Default component of an Application
  • Starting an Activity
  • Getting Output from Activity


14. Application Menu

  • Defining Menu Items
  • Menu XML File
  • Option Menu
  • Populating Menu Items from Resource
  • Manipulating Menu Items
  • Handling Menu Item Click Event
  • Context Menu
  • Showing a Context Menu


15. WIFI

  • Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity
  • Managing active connections
  • Managing WiFi


16. Sliding

  • Tabing through Gesture effect
  • Learn How to Slide Activities
  • using framesets in gesture
  • Sliding Navigation Menus
  • Implement Image Sliding


17. Android Animation Effects

  • Understanding Animation API
  • Animation as per XML Defination
  • Zooming , Flipping ,Moving Objects
  • Sliding effects
  • Handling Multiple animation
  • Animation by Frame
  • Cross Fadi

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