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Bounce Rate and Tips to reduce it

Bounce Rate and Tips to reduce it

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce means simply landing somewhere and goes away from that place. Here we are talking about what is mean of bounce rate in the context of websites and SEO point of view. When someone visits a web page either directly or via search engines or other referral links and spends some time on a web page and then leaves that. If visitors spend more time, bounce rate will be low and if visitors spend less time bounce rate will go high.

SEO point of view bounce rate should be low and be having low bounce rate means visitor are staying and spending much time on a website. Low bounce rate means there is something interested on a web page or web page is very user-friendly and that’s why visitor staying on the page and viewing the webpage and getting the information. So finally we can say high bounce rate is bad and low bounce rate is good SEO point of view. Students and Professionals in Jaipur Searching for the Google SEO training institute Jaipur – Join Reinvent techno Labs to learn how to increase visitors to any business website.

Understanding High Bounce Rate: High bounce rate is considered a bad thing but not always because it depends on the situation. Suppose you have priority to convert a visitor into a deal if he visits more than one web page on your website because. In this situation, if bounce rate is high means visitors are visiting either home page or limited pages and that’s why a visitor is unable to off the deal. But if you have a single page website or blog and then you have high bounce rate then it is considered as a normal.

Understanding Low Bounce Rate: Lower the bounce rate, higher the chance to increase the business. Visitors either spending lots of time on single page or spending time in more than one page it means the site has something interesting. Searching for the 100% practical SEO course in Jaipur with Placement assistance – Join Rtlabs SEO training Institute in Jaipur India.

How to reduce the bounce rate?

  • By reducing page load speed:

Page load does matter increasing and decreasing the bounce rate. If your page takes more than 3 sec. to load it means there is full chance users will bounce back and will not wait to load full page. If web page opens within 1-3 seconds, it means there is a chance visitors can stay on the page and check the information. So finally we can say we need to keep website load speed fast to reduce to bounce rate.

  • By making Navigation easy:

Navigation of a website keeps a very important role in decreasing the bounce rate. A website should have simple and easy navigation menu so visitors can interact with every web pages easily. Content should be visible and readable easily. All the information should be accessible easily.

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  • Focusing on the mobile-friendly website:

Mobile friendliness is a very important factor in reducing bounce rate. Now a day most of the people use mobile devices to search for something on the internet. If a website is taking too long time to open or then navigation is not user-friendly then there are full chances a visitor will leave that site and will land on another website. So it is necessary to make websites mobile friendly with high page load speed. So, if you are a Students of Compute Science, Engineering stream and wish to start a Bright career in the field of Digital marketing then Start learning search engine optimization at Rtlabs SEO training Institute in Jaipur.

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  • Using interesting contents:

Content is the most important part of a webpage. Content should be user-friendly and the information visitors looking for should be included in the content. If a visitor doesn’t find the information whatever they are looking for definitely they will leave the website that’s the reason for increasing the bounce rate. So finally having user-friendly content is must to reduce the bounce rate. How to Write google search engine friendly content? how to write Article content? how to Write Web page Content? How to Write social media content? how to write blog content? Do you want to learn the content writing strategy? Students and Professionals – Join Rtlabs Content Writing Training Institute in Jaipur.

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