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The best place to learn Cloud Computing is Reinvent Techno Labs a training institute which provide Cloud computing training in Jaipur which is an emerging technology today. Cloud Computing is delivering hosted services over the internet. We provide practical oriented training in Jaipur covering topics from basics to advance level. Our professional trainers provide training on live project making your concepts clear.

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Cloud Course Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track
Course Duration 60 – 90 Days 12 Weekends
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom

Course Content and Syllabus for CLOUD COMPUTING Training

1. Introduction to Cloud and why it is Demanding

  • What is Cloud ..?
  • Need of cloud
  • Understanding the Cloud Infrastructure
  • Type of Cloud


  1.  SAAS    (Software as a service)
  2. Staas       (Storage as a service)
  3. IAAS       (Infrastructure as a service)
  4. PAAS      (Platform as a service)
  5. NAAS       (Network as a service)
  6. DAAS       (Data as a service)
  7. DbAAS     (Database as a service)


2. Application based  Cloud

  1. Introduction to LXC and LXD
  2. Containers and dockers
  3. App based Container
  4. Distributed app hosting



  1. Understanding cloud and why SAAS is so important
  2. Deployment of SAAS
  3. User of X-windows system
  4. SSH tunnelling
  5. Securing SAAS cloud


4. StAAS

  1. Introduction to Storage cloud
  2. What is diff between object , block and File storage
  3. Deployment of Object storage
  4. Deployment of Block storage
  5. Deployment of File storage
  6. Object Storage with NFS , CIFS, SSHFS, GFS
  7. Block Storage with Iscsi , FC using targetcli and iscsi-targets


  1. Overview of IAAS cloud
  2. Integration of hypervisors
  3. VM deployment
  4. Snapshot and backup
  5. Live VM migration techniques



  1. What is the actual need to PAAS over IAAS
  2. Developing own secure cloud PAAS
  3. Use of Containers
  4. Designing Cloud platform for AWS based Infra


7. AWS

  1. Introducton to Aws services
  2. EC2
  3. EBS
  4. S3
  5. VPC
  6. Route 53
  7. Cloud watch
  8. Cloud formation
  9. ELB


8. Virtualization

  1. Introduction to Virtualzation
  2. Resources Division technology
  3. Introduction to Hypervisor      (KVM, XEN , Hyper-V, EXSI)
  4. Objectives

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