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Do You Know Your Website is Search Engine Friendly or Not?

Learn How to Make SEO friendly Websites

There are lots of websites already made for the different purpose. It may be a personal website, blog, business website, e-commerce website or other purposes. Getting a website is very easy nowadays but it’s not necessary all the existing websites are search engine friendly. There are many websites running with bad quality and poor user experience. Good user experience helps to increase the business and brand popularity. If your website is not a search engine friendly you need to make the necessary changes who make it Search Engine friendly as soon as possible.

How to know Search Engine Likes your website or not?

This is necessary for every business owners to know only getting a website is not enough to increase business online, your websites should be fully optimized for the various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

(1)If your websites URL structure following SEO guideline, you can think your website is liked by a search engine and you can expect help from search engine to increase your business.

SEO friendly website URL

SEO friendly URL




You can check yourself if your website pages are according to above structure. If not you need to contact an SEO provider company as soon as possible.

 (2) Your web pages should have unique content with primary and long tail keywords. Every webpage content should include a Heading (h1) and sub-heading (h2, h3…).

(3)Do your website have proper images with alt tags? If yes then ok otherwise you need to add unique images to each page with alt tags.

(4)An SEO friendly website should have proper XML sitemap, robots.txt file. For example



(5)You should not have multiple pages with same content. Every page should show different purpose.

(6)You should have social media integration properly for your website.

(7)You should have 404 custom error page that helps users to redirect to a live page instead of forcing users to jump to another website.

(8)Website load speed should not be more than 2ms. Fast loading attracts visitors to spend more time on the website. The slow website always forces visitors to leave the site and face bad user experience.

At the last, check your website with all above. If your sites do not have all these you should visit an SEO provider company immediately.

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