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Learn How to Index Web Pages in Google

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Indexing: Including of new web pages or modified web pages in Google called Google indexing. In other words, we can say adding web pages in the Google database or showing the web pages in the Google Search Engine called Google Indexing.

Google makes the list web pages in its own database or we can say the collection of information. These indexing of web pages have the most important role if we talk about searching for something on Google. When someone type a keyword in Google, Google accepts this request and show the result those are more most reliable to this keyword.

Web pages that Google show pulled out from Google Index database. There are millions of web pages hosted on the internet but all are not indexed in Google. Google shows the search results only from Indexed pages so its important to index a website if you want to see that in Google search engine.

Why should you index your web pages in Google?

If you are a website owner or a job seeker and looking for SEO jobs, you should know the importance of indexing of a web page in Google.

Your web pages or website must be included in Google if you want Google to show your webpage in Search Engine. If your webpage are not indexed in Google it means you cannot see these pages in the Google search engine.

What Indexing works?

Every search engine has their own spiders or crawlers. These crawlers crawl the web pages and site by site following links. All the web pages crawled by Google spiders stored in Google index.

How to check, how many web pages indexed in Google?

To check the number of indexed pages you can use a command called “site”.

For example:  If you have a site rtlabs.in and you want to see total indexed web pages of this website in Google, you can use this command like this



In the above image, you can see “About 109 results”. It means total indexed pages for rtlabs.in is 109 in Google search engine.

What are the techniques to index web pages?

One you complete the On page SEO optimization now you are ready to process your pages to index in Search Engine.

  • Fetch as Google tool: This option is available in Google webmaster tools. It is must to add your website in search console tool that is also called Google webmaster tool. Once you add your site you need to click on Crawl and then click on fetch as Google. If you want to Fetch home page just leave the box blank and select desktop or smartphone from the drop down bar and then click on FETCH. This option invites Google to visit your page immediately and index in the database.
  • Submitting a sitemap: Sitemap is a collection of all the URL of a website. A sitemap can be of multiple types such as HTML sitemap, XML sitemap, image sitemap, video sitemap etc. Submitting a sitemap is one of the best way to index your website in the Google database. The XML sitemap is the most important SEO point of view and HTML sitemap is important Users point of view. You can create a sitemap either manually or search in the Google keyword “sitemap generator tool” to get sitemap generation tool to create website sitemap.

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