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MVC: MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. Reinvent Techno Labs is the best training institute in Jaipur providing Asp.Net MVC training. Asp.Net MVC training is an architecture to develop ASP.Net web applications in a different manner.

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MVC Course Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track
Course Duration 60 – 90 Days 12 Weekends
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom

Course Content and Syllabus for MVC Training

1.  Introduction to MVC

  • A Brief History of Web Development
  • Traditional ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Benefits of ASP.NET MVC


2.   MVC Architecture


3. Working with Controllers

  • Introducing the Controller


4. The MVC Pattern

  • The MVC architecture pattern
  • Domain models and Repositories


5. Model Templates

  • Templated View Helpers
  • Using Metadata for Data Values


6. Essential Language Features

  • Automatically Implemented Properties
  • Using Object and Collection Initializers
  • Entity Framework
  • Lambda Expressions


7. Model Validation

  • Explicitly Validating a Model
  • Displaying Validation Messages
  • Alternative Validation Techniques
  • Security and Authentication


8. Working with Views

  • Working with the ASPX engine
  • Working with the Razor Engine
  • Converting ASPX View to Razor Vie
  • Partial Views
  • Adding Dynamic Content to a Razor View
    • Inline code
    • Partial Views

9. Working with URLs and Routing

  • About Routing
  • Understanding the Routing Mechanism
  • Adding a Route Entry
  • Using Parameters
  • Using Defaults
  • Using Constraints


10. Working with Areas

  • Setting Up Areas
  • Actions in Areas
  • Routing and URL Generation with Areas


11. Ajax and Client Scripting

  • NET MVC’s Ajax Helpers
  • Using jQuery with ASP.NET MVC


12. Security

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Cross-site scripting ( XSS )

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