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Laravel- One of the Best PHP Framework

Laravel One of the Best PHP Framework

If we talk about web development, there are several technologies and platforms available in the market. Out of them,it is necessary to choose the right platform according to the requirements. Laravel is a framework which is gaining popularity and is one of the most prominent platforms available in the market. Laravel is latest as well as an open source PHP framework through which development of web and MVC becomes easier.

It provides features like:

  • Easy routing and session management
  • Easy authentication and caching
  • Unit testing and flexibility for creating everything right from small websites to large enterprise applications

Laravel has greatly improvised the experience of development to large extent and thus considered to be the best framework of PHP.

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Benefits of choosing Laravel over other PHP frameworks:

  1. Open Source: It is free and an open-source PHP web application framework that provide a platform to make complex web pages easily.
  2. Security: Laravel framework offers a significant level of security which other PHP frameworks did not provide. It follows different mechanism like encryption, Storing Password, Authenticating Users, Cross-site request forgery (XSS), Avoiding SQL injection and HTTP authentication.
  3. MVC support: Laravel supports MVC Architecture like Symfony, ensuring clarity between logic and presentation. MVC also improves performance, and possess multiple built-in functionalities which reduce complexity.
  4. Easy testing: Testing is very essential part of any project before delivering it. Laravel provides a facility for Unit Testing and ensures the stability of the application. It happens sometimes, some changes to the system break it unexpectedly. Laravel provides a great platform.
  5. Clean Documentation: The laravel documentation of is clean, organized and easily understandable.
  6. Make application with customized themes: Laravel gives you a great platform to create high-performance web applications for your enterprise with an attractive interface using compelling themes which can be easily customized to get a unique look of the application according to the individual needs.
  7. Object-Oriented Libraries: Laravel framework has a variety of pre-installed i.e in-built libraries which makes coding simple. Out of the installed libraries useful one is the Authentication library which has very advanced features for database securities.
  8. Internal Templates: There are several advantages of using Blade with Laravel as it lightweight still powerful templating engine which is pre-installed in it. Through this feature, you can create extraordinary layouts.
  9. Authentication feature:It includes
  • Routing
  • HTTP authentication
  • User authentication
  • Login throttling.
  1. Database Migrations: Laravel make the database migration quite faster and secure because there is no need to replicate data whenever changes are made. Due to this feature, there are no chances of losing any data. Laravel uses Bcrypt algorithm for encrypting database passwords which makes it completely different and best PHP framework.

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  1. Suman Samanta
    February 5, 2019

    I had to read this three times because I wanted to be sure on some of your points. I agree on almost everything here, and I am impressed with how well you wrote this article.

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