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Total 8 Value of 8 Modules is 45,000/- Offer Price = 15,000/-

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    Logic Building :                             Rs 3,000

    We are The Only institute which works to improve the Logic of students so that they can code well. So, We first improve your Logic’s then we work on syntax and other stuff.

    Advance Python:                          Rs 8,000

    Basics are not enough, Will teach you the Advance python as well so that you can be an expert in python and create some great websites and tools on your own.

    Django:                                           Rs 7,000

    Django is one of the most powerful frameworks and python and Django both complements each other and that is why we have included this in our bundle.

    Projects:                                        Rs 3,000

    The best practice of learning is to apply your knowledge. You can get a chance to work on live projects with top class software developers.

    Pyhton :                                      Rs 6,000 

    Python is one of the Most Powerful Programming language Yet the easiest Language as well. Will teach you fundamentals of python to the Pro Level.

    Basic Linux O.S:                          Rs 5,000

    You are going to learn the Linux as well, as this is one of the most powerful operating systems and also in Demand OS.

    Mongo DB:                                 Rs 10,000

    Mongo DB is one of the most in-demand Technology for job seekers and very scalable, has high reliability, the low initial cost for the companies.

    Interview Preparation: 

    At Last, We will help you to prepare for the interviews. You will learn how to handle interview questions in this field.

      Total Value =   45,000/- 15000/-

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        Why Python & Django?

        Python Training Institute in Jaipur: Python is defined as one of the most used and common programming languages in the world. Python has a simple syntax that is very easy to understand as your first language. For learning purpose smoother than other languages. By using python you can develop desktop, web applications, Numeric Applications. Best for beginners. .Great performance when working with machine learning, Data Science, etc.

        Advantages of Python:

        • Python is one language well suited to a beginner.
        • Python is a general purpose and high-level programming language.
        • You can use Python for developing desktop GUI applications, websites, and web applications.

        Django: Django Training Institute in Jaipur

        Leading, Emerging or  Future changing technology. Django is the most popular among pythons’ other frameworks, produces web applications.

        It is easy & powerful enough for the various social media platforms. Especially for the complex applications with various modules that comprise some type of interactivity and work through a browser. It relieves the formation of difficult database-driven websites with its structure.

        Who can  Start Python Training and Django Training ?

        Everyone can start   !! No matter ..Where are you from or which Background ?.You can join this  Python & Django Training from fresher to working professionals to improve their technical knowledge and to get better job opportunities and salary package of course. B.Tech Engineering Students and M.Tech Engineering Students Join Python Training Course and Django Training Course at Rtlabs in Jaipur.

        What you will learn in Django Training Course?

        1. Know about Django Architecture & it’s taking on MVC.
        2. Build and deploy strong Django web apps.
        3. Test and debug your site.
        4. Unit Testing and debug Django apps.
        5. Open a World of Possibilities with Django for Web.
        6. Create web applications to solve a multitude of problems and requirements.
        7. Learn Django from beginner through to fully functional levels.
        8. Build validation systems, map addition, web services and more.
        9. Create a website from scratch using Django.

        At the end of the Django training course in Jaipur, you will get a Django certification from Reinvent techno labs which will be extremely helpful for you in your future.

        Who can start & become an expert?

        It is easy & powerful enough for the various social media platforms. Especially for the complex applications with various modules that comprise some type of interactivity and work through a browser. It relieves the formation of difficult database-driven websites with its structure.

        Who can  Start Python & Django Training?

        Everyone can become an Expert !! It is not mandatory to know any other programming language before learning Python. If you have time to learn and interest in programming, then you can easily learn Python. Rt Labs give you best Industrial training of Python & Django.

        Why Reinvent Techno labs?

        Reinvent Techno Labs offering Best Industrial Training in Jaipur for the Students who are coming from IT & Non-IT Background. Engineering Students Join Rtlabs Institute to learn Python and Django courses in Jaipur.

        • 100% practical Training & with projects Implementations.
        • Training Through Industry Experts
        • Back up classes & 1-year membership
        • Multiple interview conduction for getting placed
        • Career Counselling & 100% Job assistance

        How to Apply for Python and Django Training Courses in Jaipur?

        You can visit our website www.rtlabs.in and enroll your seat for the  Python and Django Industrial Training program in Jaipur, also you can Email us at info@rtlabs.in to get more information about the training. Or directly contact at 7427827766

        Python Training and Certification Course in Jaipur

        4 out of 5 based on 29 ratings. 15 user reviews.

        Reinvent Techno Labs is the most credible institute for providing python training in Jaipur. Python is widely used language and can be integrated with.NET, Java, and other programming languages. Today demands python developer in industries is growing gradually, so make your career with Reinvent Techno Labs the best python training institute in Jaipur and secure your future. Students get trained in easy steps with advanced syllabus by experienced instructor and professionals. Each and every module is equipped with practical examples and session helps to make it clearer.

        Course Content and Syllabus for Python Training

        Core Python

        1. Introduction to Python

        • A Brief history
        • The Uses and scope of python
        • Getting and installing Python The Python Interpreter
        • Using the interpreter
        • The other IDE’s available The Language

        2. Basic I/O operations

        • Assignment operators
        • Basic data types
        • Code blocks and indentations
        • Conditional statements
        • Iterations

        3. Functions

        • Some built-in functions
        • Using exceptions
        • Functions

        4. Object Class

        • File Operations Object Oriented Principles
        • Creating classes
        • Creating instances
        • Inheritance
        • Polymorphism
        • Metaclasses Modules
        • Extending the language with the help of mode

        5. Regular Expression

        • Use of the re module for pattern matching using regular expressions

        6. Multi threading and Socket programming

        • Use of the thread module for creating threads
        • Using the socket module for opening sockets
        • Using some client side network protocol modules like HTTP and FTP Debugging and Optimizing
        • UDP and TCP socket programming

        7. Debugging

        • The warnings module
        • The profile module
        • Optimizing loops and I/O

        8. Sets and Exception handling

        • using mathematical operations
        • directory handling

        9. File Handing

        • creating  and read write operation
        • maintain and read files

        Advance Python

        1. Classes / Objects

        • Introduction
        • Creating Classes
        • Instance Methods
        • Data Hiding
        • Special class method
        • Inheritance
        • Method Overriding
        • Encapsulation

        2. Reg Expressions

        • Using the re module
        • Searching with regular expressions
        • Replacing with regular expressions
        • Reusing regular expressions with re.compile
        • The match Function
        • The search Function
        • Regular-expression patterns
        • Backreferences

        3. Socket

        • Socket Module and Family
        • Server Socket Methods
        • Client Socket Methods
        • Python Internet modules
        • Python Socket Library and Modules

        4. CGI Programming

        • What is CGI ?
        • CGI Architecture Diagram
        • HTTP Header
        • CGI Environment Variables
        • GET and POST Methods
        • Using Cookies in CGI
        • File Upload
        • How To Raise a “File Download” Dialog Box

        5. Networking

        • Accessing the Network and Internet
        • Accessing LAN Resources
        • Interacting with Web Pages
        • Connecting to FTP Sites
        • How to fetch Web content by using Python

        6. Sending Mail

        • Python Sending Email using SMTP
        • Sending an HTML email using Python
        • Sending Attachements as an e-mail

        7. Multi Threading

        • Starting a New Thread with Thread Module
        • The Threading Module
        • Synchronizing Threads
        • Multithreaded Priority Queue

        8. GUI Programming

        • Tkinter Programming
        • Creating a Basic GUI application
        • Tkinter Widgets

        9. Data Structures

        • Range
        • List Comprehensions
        • Nested List Comprehensions
        • Dictionary Comprehensions
        • Dictionaries with Compound Values
        • Processing Lists in Parallel
        • Specialized Sorts
        • Time Functionality
        • Generators

        MongoDB & Django

        Django MongoDB Engine is a MongoDB backend for Django, the Python Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.


        Module 1 : Introduction to NoSQL Architecture with MongoDB

        • What Is MongoDB?
        • Installation and Configuration
        • MongoDB Advantages
        • MongoDB Data Modelling
        • MongoDB Tools, Collection and Documents

        Module 2 : CRUD and the MongoDB Shell

        • Introduction to CRUD
        •  Introduction to the MongoDB API
        • Creating a Database, Collection and Documents

        Module 3 : Data Modelling and Schema Design

        • MongoDB Database References
        • Model Tree Structures
        • MongoDBAnalysing Queries
        • MongoDB Atomic Operations
        • MongoDB Map Reduce
        • MongoDB Text Search
        • MongoDB Regular Expression
        • MongoDB Capped Collections

        Module 4 : Administration

        • MongoDB Deployment and Cluster setup
        • MongoDBGridFS
        •  Trident Spout
        •  Working with Replica Sets
        • MongoDBSharding
        • MongoDB Create Backup

         Module 5 : Indexing

        • Indexing and Aggregation
        • Indexing, query profiling and the query optimizer
        • GeoSpatial Indexes
        • Index types, Index Properties
        • MongoDB Advanced Indexing
        • MongoDB Indexing Limitations
        • Aggregation


        Module 1 : Introduction to Django

        • What is Django?
        • History of Django
        • Main advantages of Django
        • Django and Python
        • Features of Django
        • Django’ s take on MVC: Model, View and Template
        • Knowledge about framework
        • Why Django?

        Module 2 : DJANGO – ENVIRONMENT

        • Installing Python
        • Installing Django
        • Database Setup
        • Web Server

        Module 3 : DJANGO – CREATING A PROJECT

        • Create a Project
        • The Project Structure
        • Setting Up Your Project
        • Django Template Language (DTL)

        Module 4 : Django URL Patterns and Views 

        • Designing a good URL scheme
        • Generic Views
        • Model View Template (MVT)

        Module 5 : Django Forms

        • Form classes
        • Validation
        • Authentication
        • Advanced Forms processing techniques

        Module 6 : User Registration

        • Add & Fetch Data from Database
        • Passing Message in Django
        • User Login
        • User Logout

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