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Python Summer Training Courses in Jaipur

Python Training Institute in Jaipur

Python Summer Training: If you are looking for best institute in Jaipur who provides the summer training for Python is Reinvent Techno Labs. Before joining any institute first you should know something about the subject for which you are going to get summer training.

Q1. What is Python?

Python is a general purpose interpreted high-level programming language and was created in the 1980s. Python is scripting language like other languages like PHP, Ruby etc. This language is simple and easy to learn. Python is used for Desktop applications and web programming.

Q2 What is the Real Use of Python?

Python is used by many companies commercially now a day to perform the different type of tasks.

  • Creating web applications
  • Android Apps Using Python
  • Testing microchips at Intel
  • Building video games
  • Python scripting is used in PaintShop Pro. This is a software and used to create screenshots, edit the images, creating new images.
  • HP uses python custom search applications to make it easy for employees to search information quickly they need.
  • GIS Programming
  • Django and Pyramid
  • Micro-Frameworks – Bottle and Flask
  • Advance content management system Plone and Django CMS
  • Scientific and numeric computing
  • Support language for software developers to build management, testing and

Q3 Name at least 5 top programs that are made in Python.

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • DropBox
  • Instagram
  • Quora

Q3 Python Courses Main Topics by Reinvent Techno Labs

Core Python:

  • Introduction (B) I/O operation (C) Functions (D) Objects (E) Expression (F) Socket programming & Multithreading (G) Debugging (H) Exception handling (I) File handling

Advanced Python:

  • Objects/classes (B) Reg Expressions (C) Sockets (D) CGI Programming (E) Sending emails (F) Networking (G) Data structure (H) GUI programming (I) Multi-Threading

Q4. How Many Days Reinvent Techno Labs Need to Complete Python Training?

Python Training Course Duration

  • 60-90 Days or 12 Weeks

 Q5 Why I Should Choose Reinvent Techno Labs for Python Training?

  • More than 7 years experience in Python Training
  • Highly Experienced and Skilled Python Traitors
  • Training on Live projects
  • Best Training environment
  • Best computer lab with high-speed internet facility
  • Skill development training
  • Job placement guarantee for right candidates

Q6. How Can I Get Admission to Reinvent Techno Labs to Join Python Courses?

Contact via phone: 91-7427827766, 91-9887022825

Email: Info@rtlabs.in

Website: https://www.rtlabs.in/

Office Address:

Plot No. 103/66 First Floor, Tilak Towers,

Madhyam Marg, Patel Marg,

Mansarovar , Jaipur 302020

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