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Techniques That Work For E-Commerce Websites SEO

Learn Ecommerce website SEO at Rtlabs

If you have an e-commerce site and want to increase your sales then you need to use right SEO techniques.

Learn Ecommerce website SEO at Rtlabs

No e-commerce website keeps the same product for a long time because products are changed the time to time. Many products have a new version that replaces old one. It is recommended not to delete the page where expired products are placed because deleting a page is bad SEO point of view. You can lose SEO value and link values.

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(1) You can simply redirect your old page to a new related product page using 301 permanent redirects. This will transfer all link juice to new Url and that will get SEO benefits.

(2) Website structure and internal link structure keeps an important role crawling and indexing pages fast and help to rank these pages in search engine.

(3) You need to add content to most important product manually. Many products pull the content from the database and this leads to duplicate content issue.

(4) Keep the review option on the product page so customers can review the product. Good reviews help customers to change a visit into a deal.

(5) It is not possible to write unique description for each product, so it’s a big issue. How can we make it possible? We can give an option to comments on the product page. Customers will tell their real story there and it will help getting new content there. We can also integrate social options there.

(6) Images should be fully optimized with Alt tags.

(7) Search Engine friendly URLs.

URLs structure should be organized like following

Category:  website.com/category/

Sub-category: webstie.com/category/sub-category/

Product: website.com/category/sub-category/product

Make your website mobile friendly and especially keep eye on website load speed. Website load speed keeps an important role in SEO.

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