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The Importance of the Technical SEO

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Technical SEO refers to the work that is done aside from content optimization. In technical SEO we usually focus on website crawling and indexing. Any website that has good technical SEO is crawled well and indexed fast. Technical SEO keeps an important role while ranking the website so it is must to know for every SEO’s and website owner to implement the Technical SEO activities completely for every website.

What are things included in Technical SEO?

Page Load Speed

This is very important part of technical SEO and most important activity to before starting the SEO for any website. Google has updated page speed algorithm recently. Page speed of any webpage is measured on basis of some metrics such as FCP and DCL.

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First Paint (When a web page starts showing something at the very first time in a browser) or we can say when a browser starts rendering pixels.


It stands for First content full paint. In this part, the browser renders the first bit of content.


Is stands for First Meaningful Paint and the most important part of a webpage is rendered in this part.


Time to interactive. It means the application or page have rendered fully and ready to reply the user’s input.


It stands for DOM content loaded

Web page speed is divided into 3 parts

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If the median value of FCP and DCL is in top third then web page is considered fast.


If the median value of FCP and DCL is in Middle third then page speed is considered average.


If the median value of FCP and DCL is in bottom third then page speed is considered slow.


Crawling is also a very important part of technical SEO. To rank any website it is must that site should be crawled by search engine spiders without any issue. There are some errors that stops search engine spiders to crawl the particular webpage such as DNS errors, Server error, URL errors. If there is any page on website that is not available anymore, will be not found buy search engine robots. If you have used the wrong robots.txt file, it is confirmed those pages will not be visited by search engine robots. So finally keep your website neat and clean and error free so that search engine robots can crawl your site and index.

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In this part, you need to keep your page URL’s error free. It is recommended to use only one version of your URL. There are 4 types of different versions available of any URL such as

URL Structure





These all are four different types of URL for search engines. You need to implement any one of them. It is recommended if you use a secure URL. The best version to work is


Robots File

  • Robots.txt file has a very important role in SEO. Robots.txt file is used to block search engine spiders visiting a webpage. Robots.txt file should be written carefully, a wrong rotobs.txt file can create a big problem for you site. The syntax of a robots.txt file


  • To Allow the whole website for crawling

User-agent: *


  • To Disallow robots not to crawl the whole website


Disallow: /

  • To Exclude Single Robot

User-agent: BadBot

Disallow: /

  • To Allow Single robot – Put Following Code in the robots.txt File

User-agent: Google


User-agent: *

Disallow: /

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