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Top 3 Web Design Trends in 2018

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Websites and mobile apps are now very necessary for every business to reach more people. Web design experts are trying to continue to work with increased technical challenges and trying to build user-friendly, mobile friendly, search engine friendly beautiful websites. How to design user friendly websites? How to design responsive websites? How to implement the CSS3 coding in the website? Which CSS is better Internal CSS or External CSS? How much time it to take to become best creative website designer? For all the Website design related solutions connect with Rt labs in Jaipur. Students and Professional who want to learn Website design then Join reinvent Techno Labs best website design training institute in Jaipur. Apart from training, let read this whole content which states –

Top 3 web design trends in 2015

  • Mobile Friendly Web Design:

Nowadays most people use their mobile to search anything on the internet. Mobile browsing is being used more than desktop because as we see almost everybody purchase and order using their mobile phones. This is really tough task for web designers to design the website that resizes according to screens. That is also called responsive web design. In this design the structure of a webpage should be proper, menus, sub-menus, graphics and every part of a website should work fine.

  • User-Friendly Web Design:

There are many kinds of websites available nowadays but all are not user-friendly. This is very necessary to build a user-friendly website.

What users look in a website?

When someone visits a website, definitely have a goal. Someone visits a website either for getting some information, for shopping purpose or another purpose. If a website fulfills the purpose of a visitors easily it means the site I user-friendly. A User-friendly website should have the following

Fast load speed

All the Important Information is “Above The Fold”

Right information for which visitor is looking

Contact number on a page

Chat support, email support

A user-friendly website means low bounce rate. Low bounce rate means visitors spent more time on the website because there is something interesting on the website. If the bounce rate is high it means visitors are landing on a webpage but the leaving the page very soon because they are not getting information looking for.

  • Search Engine Friendly Web design:

How to make SEO friendly Website? What consists in the SEO friendly business website? From where to learn SEO friendly website design creation coding and logic? Join Reinvent Techno Labs, your best website design training Institute in Jaipur for Students and Professionals. A website is incomplete if now not following search engine guidelines. A website is search engine friendly it means there is a lot of things the website is following. A search engine friendly website consists of following

  1. A website should have proper URL structures. Static Url structure is better for search engine than dynamic URL structures.
  2. Navigation and menu structure should be proper.
  3. Images size should be low and ALT tag should be used properly.
  4. Header Tag, Sub-header tag should be used in proper place.
  5. Content should be used at least 500 words with the proper use of keywords.
  6. Keywords should be a combination of primary keywords and long tail keywords.
  7. Social media sharing buttons should be there on the website.
  8. A website should contain blog that should be updated on a regular basis
  9. A website should have a sitemap, robots.txt file, 404 custom error page

Above given points are necessary to include in a website to make search engine friendly. Search engine friendly websites drive the organic traffic and that helps increase the business. The search engine gives the priority to these websites when show on SERP( Search Engine Result Page).

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