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Rtlabs web design training in Jaipur

Reinvent Techno Labs is the leading website design and training institute in Mansarovar, Jaipur  for Students and Professionals. It is also known as RTLabs. A team of Website design and Graphic design experts has been working with Rtlabs training Institute in Jaipur for a long time and have the collection of proven results in web design technology.

Reinvent Techno Labs is the best local web design company in Jaipur as well as the web design training Institute.  Students who are perusing engineering have great chance to use our website designing training program in making their bright future. Working Professionals too can start web training at Rt labs Institute Jaipur. Many students have gotten training in website designing and graphic designing from Reinvent Techno Labs web design experts, and have been working with good IT companies across India, even many Started working as a Freelancer.

Reinvent Techno Labs make you Professional Website Designer During 3 months or 6 months website design training period.

Do you know how important is the website designer in today’s world? Do you want to know why you must join Rtlabs web design training Institute in Jaipur? Do you want to know why company hires website designers? Few answers are shared here, but if you have more queries regarding the website design course, like what is the fees of the website design course, what web design course module will I get during the website design training at rt labs then read the content here and call Reinvent Techno labs Jaipur to start training in website design courses.

Lots of people who are in need of a website try to get it designed from a reputed web design company and they prefer to deal with a local company.  It’s beneficial to deal with a local company because

  • If you deal with a local company you can have a meeting visiting a physical office.
  • If you are in the same city where web design company is located you are going to deal with, you can ask a salesperson from company to visit your office, home or public place to schedule a meeting.
  • If you have any issue with services you are getting you can easily communicate with them but it is not easy if a company is located in other cities.

Reinvent Techno labs is the professional and leading IT company as well as best IT training company in Mansarovar, Jaipur. Students and Professionals join Rt Labs web design training Institute in Jaipur to make SEO friendly websites, to make mobile friendly websites, and to make User friendly business websites.

  • Designs SEO Friendly Websites:

You must be thinking what is an SEO friendly web design? How to make Search Engine Optimized website? If a website is designed following Google SEO guidelines than we can say the website is Search Engine Friendly. The search engine gives the priority to websites those designed following Google search engine rules and algorithm updates.

Learn How to Make SEO friendly Websites

What is SEO Guidelines for web designers?

 Below are the few points to keep in mind while designing and developing a website.

  • While designing website designers should keep in mind to use all graphics in very low size. All banners and images should be reduced in size. If images are designed in big size, it makes the website load speed slow, if images are designed in low size, gives the benefit to reduce the site page loading time. Slow websites or taking too much to load indicates a bad signal for SEO. Slow websites usually have high bounce rate and sites who loads fast have low bounce rate. You can reduce the image size using the tool https://tinypng.com/
  • Web designers should keep in mind to use ALT tag for every image that used on web pages. You must be thinking why someone should use ALT Tag?

Do you know Google bots unable to read the Images?  So, think, how we can make our website images readable to the Google bots? An image can be read by machine or search engine using ALT Tag. Without this is very difficult for search engine to find out if the content includes the related image or not. Every image should have unique alt tag. Now you must be understanding that using ALT Tag is very important for SEO point of view.

  • CSS: There are Three types of CSS files that can be used while designing & developing a website. Using inline CSS and internal CSS makes is not very good practice SEO point of view because it makes website speed slow that’s not good for SEO. Using External CSS is the best practice for Search Engine Optimization point of view. So finally using external css is the better thing.
  • Mobile Friendly Websites:

Learn Mobile Friendly Business website design

Now a day Many people use smartphones and internet and that’s why they use mobile internet to find something. When someone searches for “web design company in Jaipur” Google will display top 10 websites on the first page of Google in mobile searches those are made for mobiles. You must be thinking what is a mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website automatically changes the layout according to the screen. A website layout and display in the desktop is different from a mobile display. In mobile screens a website Menus and other thing structure changes automatically and hence website becomes a mobile-friendly website. 

  • User-Friendly Websites:

The question arises “what are the user-friendly websites?”. Here the main thing is “Bounce Rate”. If a website has bounce rate below 30 it means visitor are spending more time on the site and the meaning is very easy to understand that website is interesting and have the solution for which a user visits the site. Spending more time reduce the bounce rate. If a website has more bounce rate like 60, 70 or 80 it means the website is not user-friendly and does not reply the questions for which a visitor visits that website. Spending very low time on a web page increase the bounce rate and that is not Good SEO point of view.

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