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What Are The Difference Between Web designers and Web Developers?

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You must have heard about web developer and web designer. How they are alike and how they are different.

Web Designer: A web designer designs the web pages and focuses on the appearance of the website. Web designer works on graphics and tries to give the best look and help to attract visitors. A web designer uses some tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dream viewer or other tools.

A designer is good web designer if he/she has sound knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Graphics.

Difference Between Web designer and Web developer

Web Developer: Compared to web designer, a web developer has some different quality. Web developer knows how to code and work on making website and application running. A web developer focuses on functionality not the looking. There are two types of web developers

  • Front-end web developer and
  • Backend web developer

Front-end web developer knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Front-end web developer and a web designer almost similar.

Backend web developer has the specialty in particular programming language like Php, .Net, Java, Python Ruby on Rails etc.

Full Stack Web Developer:

A web developer who works on both front-end and backend called full stack web developer. Or we can say web developers who work on both client-side and servicer side called a full stack web developer.

Difference in web designer and web developers

  • A web developer usually earns more than a web designer.
  • For web designers portfolio is more important. For web developers coding is important.
  • A web developer tends to be analytical while a web designer tends to be creative and artistic.
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