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Which Training to Join, Classroom or online?

Class room Training Institute in Jaipur

Both types of training have their own vices and virtues. Many people like online training and many like classroom training or courses. Institutes who provide online training try to give their best and other side institutes who provide classroom training do their best to provide the best training.

Classroom Training: If training is scheduled at a physical place where trainers and trainees interact with than it’s called classroom training. The biggest thing in a classroom is having interaction face to face with each other.

Classroom Training Program

Online Training:  Training that takes place on a computer via the internet called online training. The online training includes audios, videos, graphics and many more.  Online training can be given by an instructor, online web tutorials, online video channels like YouTube, E-books etc.

Online Training Program

What is the difference between online training and classroom training?

  • Online training can be joined anywhere in the world via the internet whereas classroom training can be joined only at physical places.
  • Online training is mostly taken by industry professionals whereas classroom training is mostly taking by the college student or job seekers.
  • While having classroom training usually traditional method is used whereas having an online training virtual classroom or live training session is used using various tools such as Skype.
  • Online training can give you access for long-term whereas classroom training gives limited time access.
  • In classroom training trainers and trainees can interact face to face whereas in online training nobody can communicate face to face.
  • In classroom training, you can work on live projects whereas in online training live projects are not included usually.
  • You need to be punctual to join classroom training whereas online training can be taken anytime and you can schedule your own time.
  • You can ask any question while having classroom training and can get the answer by a trainer while having online training is not necessary you have an option to ask a question.
  • While having classroom training, projects are assigned to students to complete practically whereas you can get fewer chances while having online training.

(10)Many institutes who provide physical training also provides job placement services and you can face the interview physically. Whereas having online training it’s not necessary to get the job placement.

(11)It’s easy to check the reputation of an institute who provides classroom training by visiting the institute, whereas online training does not have such an option.

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